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Tuesday, March 18, 2014
It's early March 2014 and this year is already in full swing. We are now in the season of the Piscese...that means the double fish or double whatever icon you want to use brings double of..whatever.

Ok I could just be talking out the side of my neck. Anyway, what I want to lead up to is that there are now 2 new episodes of the SH-Xperience available to listen to and enjoy!! That's right, 2!! Why are there two episodes instead of one? The answer is simple: We recorded two episodes that were never released. These two episodes were recorded right after episodes 8, The All Female Takeover. Which was an incredible episode. Big shoutouts to Embishun for making that episode really shine with her interview.
Wednesday, November 6, 2013
This month's Music Watch is one to kick off the holidays. For those unfamiliar with the talent of Leonard Dozier, now is your chance to experience one of his all time favorite songs that celebrates a time in this country for a gathering of family, friends, and loved ones. "This Thanksgiving" isn't a new song, but it is timeless and was written and arranged by Leonard Dozier to give listeners another reason to appreciate this special holiday and be thankful for all that they have.

Check out the interactive image of Leonard Dozier at the dinner table during a beautiful thanksgiving feast, with those he loves, taken straight from the video itself! Be sure to get the full experience of "This Thanksgiving" and more of Leonard's music by using the icons embedded in the image. Should you have issues with using the interactive image, no worries, as all links and the video for "This Thanksgiving" are directly below the interactive image. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Return To The Xperience

-560- Radio is one of Network29's entertainment brands that launched early 2012 with its first show "THE SH-XPERIENCE" - an hour long urban music podcast powered by the incredible Spreaker platform and hosted by various members of the Style&Heat camp. The show's main focus is around the personalities and music of Style&Heat however there is also a subfocus placed on other indie artists of the underground urban music scene. From Hip Hop to Reggaeton and everything inbetween, The SH-Xperience presents the best of independent urban music.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
This month's GFM Music Watch features Atlantic City native rapper Niro
Take a moment to watch the video for his song "Let My People Go" from his most recent mixtape release THE CROWNING.

Atlantic City Hip Hop Artist NIRO
The track was produced by J.DOE who also directed the music video as well. Niro is on top of his game as a lyricist, transcending the norm of what most people believe a hardcore rap artist should be. What I like most about the song is that Niro's lyrics give insight into what AC life is like for Black Americans as a whole and not just the youth living the street life. To me, I feel as though most of our young Black hip hop artists are centrally focused on what their lives are like from their perspectives and they miss out on how their actions, and the actions of others (as well as the law) affects Black American communities as a whole. Niro may not be writing lyrics based on all Black American communities, but he doesn't need to. He lives in Atlantic City, NJ where there is enough fodder for the pen than most people outside of NJ and the Tri-State area may know. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013
Embishun is an upcoming latina lyricist from Massachusetts capable of blending rich, deep rhymes with soul grabbing vocal harmonies over epic rap beats. Grimm Factor Music got in touch with the upcoming latin artist recently and tossed her a few questions. Read Embishun’s responses after you Check out her latest music video single “Did It Without You.”
Saturday, April 27, 2013
- New Music On The Horizon -
Dangerous Muzik Presents: Shade Theory

Shade Theory is a new Neo-Soul effort from westcoast producer Tommy Danger. Combining deep, soulful melodies with live instrument and percussion, Shade Theory brings that classic Neo-Soul vibe to present with new grooves and lyrics. Shade Theory features smooth vocals, drums by Jeff Lees, and bass by Wade Ware. If you're looking for where to find new Neo-Soul music, then you're in the right place because Shade Theory provides what you need for that Neo-Soul fix.

Friday, January 25, 2013
I frequently get asked by artists how should they proceed with getting their music in the GFM Catalog. Really its not about how you should proceed, its about what to consider before submitting your music to a music publisher. Though this post is mainly about how Grimm Factor Music is operating at this moment, I believe that this info can cover a broad range of companies like other music publishers, music libraries, and music curators. Even if you wanted to go right to the source and omit the middle man, these are still important things to consider.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Check out this list of music supervisors on twitter that I constantly add to as I find them. So far there are nearly 100 of them on there. Hop on twitter and subscribe to the list.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012
You Have Great Music, Now Lets Do Great Marketing

As far as marketing yourself as an up and coming musical artist, its best to have your social profiles and websites setup before making your big push. Keep your bios consistent across the net. Always consider the fact that your supporters or anyone interested in your music will become interested in you and your brand extensions.

There are tons of free ways to get things together like clothing lines and accessories. Companies like Cafepress and Zazzle let you to design and brand your own gear then sell it from their site without any overhead.