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December 22, 2011
Welcome music supervisors, project managers, labels, artists, and all lovers/buyers of music. This blog is growing catalog of incredible, industry quality, music developed and produced by The Grimm_Factor and other independent urban artists.

There is no red tape to deal with here at Grimm Factor Music. No big label heads to go through. No sample clearances to deal with or any other technicality that may hinder the production of your project. All music in this blog is owned by either Grimm Factor Music or the artists/composers themselves. When you deal directly with Grimm Factor Music, then you're dealing directly with Grimm and other musicians that know their craft and are dedicated professionals to the art of music. 

In your travels among the vast music universe that the internet offers, how many times have you found music that seems generic, watered down, and unoriginal, even if the music is original? Many artists are trying to emulate the sound of the industry, and create music that seems fresh and unique. You may not seem to think of it as a problem but I do. Not every artist can properly imitate and originate at the same time. Many fall short. Some things just do not work.

Grimm Factor Music brings to you the professional sound you are looking for and the original artistry you need. Although small right now, the catalog of songs Grimm Factor Music has are strong enough to fit a diversity of many projects. Whether your company uses the music as a whole or in parts. 

My specialty lies in the Urban music genre. However, I am open to cataloging music from other genres. Grimm Factor Music does not entertain the notion of artist development. The artists I deal with OWN THEIR OWN DEVELOPMENT. This means I deal with a roster of talent that constantly seeks to improve themselves and their music without the need of a major label A&R or artist development team. 

Instead of pulling the strings of the artists/composers to make them sound like copycats of what is selling on the billboard charts, I'd rather give them free reign over their music. What this does is give the artist/composer complete creative control - THE FREEDOM TO BE WHO THEY ARE AND NOT WHAT I WANT THEM TO BE. 

This presents an issue of sorts. Personally I have found that some musicians still feel the need to copy what's out. Maybe they do not know how to convey their own personal feelings and emotions through their creative outlet without coming off unoriginal. So how do I decide what music fits my catalog? It's simple: It has to be professional and unlike the usual stuff you hear from the majors. The music has to sound fresh, and has to be creative enough to offer an out-of-the-box-thinking experience. 

Please keep in mind that my specialty is urban music. You will probably hear more Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, etc. than anything else. Doesn't mean I wont have other music genres in my ever growing catalog. I also have a growing library of instrumentals that can aid in the atmosphere and style of your projects.

Much of the works in my catalog may not be available exclusively through Grimm Factor Music. You'll hear some of this material in other places. When it comes to licensing works from my catalog, I will do my best to create a mutual agreement that fits within your project's budget. 

Take some time and listen to what my catalog offers. You can listen from your laptop or desktop computer, and you can listen from your mobile devices! No need to wait till you get your computer out and redirect yourself to this page. Bookmark this blog. I have a feeling you'll be back. 

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