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August 14, 2013
This month's GFM Music Watch features Atlantic City native rapper Niro
Take a moment to watch the video for his song "Let My People Go" from his most recent mixtape release THE CROWNING.

Atlantic City Hip Hop Artist NIRO
The track was produced by J.DOE who also directed the music video as well. Niro is on top of his game as a lyricist, transcending the norm of what most people believe a hardcore rap artist should be. What I like most about the song is that Niro's lyrics give insight into what AC life is like for Black Americans as a whole and not just the youth living the street life. To me, I feel as though most of our young Black hip hop artists are centrally focused on what their lives are like from their perspectives and they miss out on how their actions, and the actions of others (as well as the law) affects Black American communities as a whole. Niro may not be writing lyrics based on all Black American communities, but he doesn't need to. He lives in Atlantic City, NJ where there is enough fodder for the pen than most people outside of NJ and the Tri-State area may know. 

Take a moment to watch the video for the song "LET MY PEOPLE GO" written and performed by Niro. Produced and directed by J.DOE. 

Niro - "Let My People Go" produced by J. DOE. Video Directed by J. DOE Films

Love the song and video by Niro? Then download his latest mixtape "The Crowning" from Datpiff. It features "Let My People Go" and 14 other hot hip hop tracks from the indie artist out of Atlantic City, NJ.

GFM Music Watch is a special spotlight designed to help promote independent artists across the nation. The artists featured in the GFM Music Watch may or may not be in the GFM Catalog. If you are an artist and want to be featured in the next installment of GFM's Music Watch, then please use the contact form here and you will receive a reply with more info about GFM's Music Watch.


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