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September 12, 2013
Featured Artist Embishun

Return To The Xperience

UPDATE: Archived episodes of The SH-XPERIENCE are no longer available on the Spreaker platform. Please use the links to listen to the episodes via YouTube

-560- Radio is one of Network29's entertainment brands that launched early 2012 with its first show
"THE SH-XPERIENCE" - an hour long urban music podcast powered by the incredible Spreaker platform and hosted by various members of the Style&Heat camp. The show's main focus is around the personalities and music of Style&Heat however there is also a subfocus placed on other indie artists of the underground urban music scene. From Hip Hop to Reggaeton and everything inbetween, The SH-Xperience presents the best of independent urban music.

Listen to Episode 08 of The SH-Xperience, The All Female Takeover! Share!!

Unfortunately due to some setbacks the show took a very long hiatus from its normal productions but that hiatus is over! The SH-Xperience has relaunched with an all new episode sub-labeled The All Female Takeover. Picking up right where the last episode left off, the latest episode delivers on the promise that it would feature music strictly by female artists. Its a promise that the show's staple host GRIMM560 was determined to keep. The show goes even further by offering the special episode at a whopping 90 minutes! 

Girls, Girls, Girls

On top of the all female lineup and extended time format, the latest episode of the SH-Xperience also features an exclusive 1st interview with Latina Rapper Embishun. Embishun was featured in GFM's Music Watch for the month of July. The Dominican born, Bronx raised lyricist opens up about her music, the state of urban female artists in the industry, and her experiences with hip hop in both NY and her current residence of Massachusettes. You can check out Embishun in GFM's Music Watch here. 

SH In The Building

To add more fuel to the fire being blazed by the SH-Xperience, the latest episode also bring back Style&Heat front runner Crysis Tha Street Poet. In previous episodes of the SH-Xperience, Crysis wasn't available in person to share his thoughts and views or talk about all things SH...but this latest episode he is. In trademark SH fashion, Grimm560 and Crysis host the show the only way SH can do it with their own signature personalities, lingo, and humor. It really is 90 mins well spent. 

If you're still clawing your brains out because you're tired of hearing the same songs by the same artists on broadcast radio 90 billion times a day (well, thats what it feels like), and you have yet to find a show playing nothing but incredible indie urban music, then look no further because -560- Radio's THE SH-XPERIENCE is your escape from the redundancy of all things commercial with music and the convolution of the indie music scene. Take a listen to the SH-Xperience ALL FEMALE TAKEOVER episode below!!

Episode info:

The SH-Xperience Ep 08 -- All Female Takeover

Hosted By Grimm560 and Crysis
Guest Interview: Embishun

Track List:

Embishun - "UOENO Freestyle", "Control Freestyle", "Did It Without You"
Jayy Starr - "Freeze Dried Life", "I Need A Moment", "Power Up"
Vanatei - "How We Roll" (Click For YouTube Video), "Sex Party Bullshit" (Click For Song On YouTube)
Mercedes - "Find Nobody Else" (Click For Song On Soundcloud), "Pa Gozar" (Click For Song On Soundcloud)
Vally Vicious - "Mambo Italiano" (Click For Song On Soundcloud)
Relle Roulette Ft. Embishun - "Versace Freestyle" (Click for Song On Soundcloud)
Keziah - "The Alter" (Click For EP on Bandcamp)
Victoria Brooke -- "Lost In Love" (click for soundcloud)
J-Sass - "Luv Me Again" (Click For Video)
SheIsHipHop - "Divas In The Building", "Hottest Rapper" (Click For Mixtape On Datpiff)
Nina B - "Internet Gangsta" (Click For Song On Soundcloud)
KHAOS DA Rapper - "Rocket Body" (Click for song on YouTube), "420" (Click For Song On Soundcloud)
Versaille - "Its My Day"


Hannibal King - "Sex On Drugs" (Click To Buy Album On Bandcamp),
MIDIMarc - "Traveling Man" (Click To Buy Album On Bandcamp),
Oddisee - "Queue With No Coat", "All Because She's Gone" (Click To Buy Album On Bandcamp)
DJ Celeste Lear - "Who Am I 2 Say" (Click To Listen On Soundcloud)
Kansa - "Nautilus" (Click To Listen On Soundcloud)
Mark Fader - "Never Forget" (Click To Listen On Soundcloud)
Lo Fi Life - "L-F L H1" (Click To Download Full Beat Tape)


Check out the other archived episodes of The SH-Xperience!

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