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November 6, 2013
South Jersey Actor/Singer Leonard Dozier
This month's Music Watch is one to kick off the holidays. For those unfamiliar with the talent of Leonard Dozier, now is your chance to experience one of his all time favorite songs that celebrates a time in this country for a gathering of family, friends, and loved ones. "This Thanksgiving" isn't a new song, but it is timeless and was written and arranged by Leonard Dozier to give listeners another reason to appreciate this special holiday and be thankful for all that they have.

Check out the interactive image of Leonard Dozier at the dinner table during a beautiful thanksgiving feast, with those he loves, taken straight from the video itself! Be sure to get the full experience of "This Thanksgiving" and more of Leonard's music by using the icons embedded in the image. Should you have issues with using the interactive image, no worries, as all links and the video for "This Thanksgiving" are directly below the interactive image. 
"This Thanksgiving" is a truly special song, for a special time of year. The song will be available, in enough time before thanksgiving, across most major online retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. As such, be sure to check back here as the links to those stores will be added into the image and you can purchase the song "This Thanksgiving" by Leonard Dozier right here! Please enjoy the song and add it to your playlist. Remember to share! 

This post features an interactive image! 

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Alternatively, you can jump straight to the video for "This Thanksgiving" without using the interactive image...but that image sure is cool aint it?

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