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March 18, 2014
Network29/-560- Radio's The S.H.-Xperience
It's early March 2014 and this year is already in full swing. We are now in the season of the Piscese...that means the double fish or double whatever icon you want to use brings double of..whatever.

Ok I could just be talking out the side of my neck. Anyway, what I want to lead up to is that there are now 2 new episodes of the SH-Xperience available to listen to and enjoy!! That's right, 2!! Why are there two episodes instead of one? The answer is simple: We recorded two episodes that were never released. These two episodes were recorded right after episodes 8, The All Female Takeover. Which was an incredible episode. Big shoutouts to Embishun for making that episode really shine with her interview.

What is the SH-Xperience? It is an Independent Urban Music Radio Styled Podcast that features mostly songs from the Style & Heat group of artists: Stan Spitt, Crysis The Street Poet, and The Grimm_Factor. Supporting members of the group are LS/Laquay Swaye, Dub Banga, and Phiva. The SH-Xperience also showcases music from other indie urban artists and groups as well as producers. Grimm is the main host of the show (as I am the one that puts it together, records, mixes, and uploads the show so I am always there.) but lately he's had a steady amount of different co-hosts or interviewees from the Style&Heat camp and other artists or friends as well.

If you enjoy indie urban music with some great chatter in the mix that rivals some of your favorite commercial radio/podcast programs, then check out the SH-Xperience, It's something I believe you'll like. The program is hosted on Spreaker with being featured on Youtube as well (just audio, no video), is free to listen to, so the music is free and you can download the program for free. Be sure to subscribe to the show, join Spreaker and follow -560- Radio too! You can listen to the latest episodes, 9 and 10, of the SH-Xperience below. Enjoy!

No More Reading, Just Press Play! You Wont Regret It!!

Episode 9 - The Return Of Spitt
Artist Focus - Stan Spitt
Hosted by Grimm and Crysis
Soundtrack Powered by Paul Cabbin Beats
Program length: 1 hour

Episode 10 - Over At Stockton With Kev
Hosted by Grimm And Kev
Soundtrack Powered by Multiple Producers
Program Length: 1 hour

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