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Showing posts with label Derivative Works. Show all posts
January 25, 2013
I frequently get asked by artists how should they proceed with getting their music in the GFM Catalog. Really its not about how you should proceed, its about what to consider before submitting your music to a music publisher. Though this post is mainly about how Grimm Factor Music is operating at this moment, I believe that this info can cover a broad range of companies like other music publishers, music libraries, and music curators. Even if you wanted to go right to the source and omit the middle man, these are still important things to consider.

June 20, 2012
The music scene is full of urban music (and other genres) producers that love to sample. Sampling can be considered an art in itself. I don't necessarily agree but what I can say is that using someone else's creation to create your own is like wearing someone else's clothes when you have your own. The mindset, to me, is I want to look as good as you do or better than you did with the same stuff you got. I honestly have no problem with a person that samples. I really didn't care to do it myself. I may have sampled 3 or 4 classic songs in my life as an urban music producer. Even then, I didn't care to do it.

This is not the basis on why I won't add sample based music in my catalog. My main motive for this is because I want a catalog of original material. Original music is easier to clear for licensing. There's no red tape to cut through or any aspect of copyright infringement to worry about.