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April 23, 2012
That's A Great Question!

The answer?...I think you should understand what it takes for your music to make an impact. That understanding comes from knowledge, resources, time, patience, and a little trial and error. Whenever an artist asks me for feedback about their music, I give them that. Feedback. Not the kind of feedback a fan would give, but the kind I would give. Constructive feedback.

See, in my mind, I believe every human being on this planet possesses natural creative talents. We all tap into that talent in various ways. All musicians have talent, just some are more tapped into that creative well than others. I believe as musicians we should be there for each other constructively, offering insight and experience to help our fellow musicians along. Its a sure sign of support.

this post will go over some questions I ask myself when hearing new music,

January 30, 2012
-560- Radio
-560- Radio LOUD AND CLEAR!

-560 Radio- is just one piece of the Network29 puzzle. Ambitiously aiming towards providing the best in audio entertainment, Network29's -560 Radio- has come up with a familiar format but with new material.
-560 Radio-'s first effort is The SH-Xperience, a show dedicated to bringing you all things SH Entertainment. From the team Style&Heat to its individual members, The SH-Xperience gives you the absolute best in music from Hip Hop's newest rising phenomen. The Style&Heat roster includes: Crysis da Street Poet, Laquay Swaye (LS), Stan Spitt, Dub Banga!, and The Grimm_Factor.
Hosted by Grimm, The SH-Xperience is completely fresh and independent, with music and personality that rivals the mainstream industry acts. Even the soundtrack music is all independent with instrumentals from some of the best indie producers across the country and the world.