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Showing posts with label Sample Free Music. Show all posts
June 20, 2012
The music scene is full of urban music (and other genres) producers that love to sample. Sampling can be considered an art in itself. I don't necessarily agree but what I can say is that using someone else's creation to create your own is like wearing someone else's clothes when you have your own. The mindset, to me, is I want to look as good as you do or better than you did with the same stuff you got. I honestly have no problem with a person that samples. I really didn't care to do it myself. I may have sampled 3 or 4 classic songs in my life as an urban music producer. Even then, I didn't care to do it.

This is not the basis on why I won't add sample based music in my catalog. My main motive for this is because I want a catalog of original material. Original music is easier to clear for licensing. There's no red tape to cut through or any aspect of copyright infringement to worry about. 

April 9, 2012
Singer, Songwriter, Producer LaQuay Swaye aka LS has dropped a new video to his incredible track "IT'S ALRIGHT". The song itself is about overcoming the hardships of a bad relationship, and rising above the negativites to a better and more positive position in life. 

Although the goal of the GFM blog is to showcase independent, quality music for licensing and placement in TV, Film, Advertisement, and Video Games. My thoughts about enduring a rough relationship. Bad relationships suck so much energy out of you, its almost hard to gain that energy back. .

That's why LaQuay Swaye's song "It's Alright" has such a powerful message. The message is I am here to let you know that I have decided to let go, and move on. I need my freedom again.
The song goes on to say that this relationship is over, and no matter what, I'll be ok. It's alright. There is nothing you can do to change that. I won't reply back to your texts or crazy phone calls, I won't give in. I would rather burn in hell than be like you.

When asked about why he created the song "It's Alright", LS says:  

December 22, 2011
Welcome music supervisors, project managers, labels, artists, and all lovers/buyers of music. This blog is growing catalog of incredible, industry quality, music developed and produced by The Grimm_Factor and other independent urban artists.

There is no red tape to deal with here at Grimm Factor Music. No big label heads to go through. No sample clearances to deal with or any other technicality that may hinder the production of your project. All music in this blog is owned by either Grimm Factor Music or the artists/composers themselves. When you deal directly with Grimm Factor Music, then you're dealing directly with Grimm and other musicians that know their craft and are dedicated professionals to the art of music.